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Eugene F., U.S. physiologist, 1882-1959. See: DuBois formula, Aub-DuBois table.


Paul A., French obstetrician, 1795-1871. See: Dubois abscesses, Dubois disease.
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The work consists of development works of a meeting room on the "63 rue du Bois Chaland 91090 - Smooth" including the following trades: Electrical - furniture - CVC.
With the help of Fragrance Du Bois' newly-launched aroma master kit, L'essence Du Bois, participants were able to better understand the structure and complexity of perfumes, as well as the fascinating history of fragrance, from its first appearance in our civilisation, all the way up to current trends in the modern industry.
DR WILLIAM EDWARD BURGHARDT Du Bois was disliked by his own country, the United States of America, and so when he died, aged 95, on 27 August 1963 at the home Ghana's President Kwame Nkru-mall had kindly provided him and his wife with in Accra, the world barely noticed.
Oud oil is nature's own jewel and is regarded across the Middle East as one of the most valued assets," said Nicola Parker, brand director, Fragrance Du Bois.
A literary revival has been underway in Accra because of groups like the Du Bois Memorial Centre and the Ghana Association of Writers, who host regular book talks and annual festivals.
As for the bottle of wine that comes with the bike, there is a choice between 2012 Clos du Bois Chardonnay North Coast or 2011 Clos du Bois Cabernet Sauvignon North Coast.
Regarding his service as Chairman of the Du Bois Institute's National Advisory Board, Professor Gates added, "Glenn's support of the Du Bois Institute has helped to make it a focal point for scholarship and learning about people of color in the United States and throughout the world.
of Miami) pay tribute to Du Bois "as one of the most remarkable Africanists and Pan-Africanists in history" by collecting 40 examples of Du Bois's writings on African and Pan-African issues.
Du Bois as a work of political philosophy in the tradition of Thomas Hobbes or John Rawls?
This article offers a rare analysis of the literary and journalistic work of David Graham Du Bois.
I hesitate to say that the book is primarily about Du Bois's personal religiosity because the editors acknowledge that the focus is on what Du Bois said, not what he did, and that it is not a study of his church attendance (or lack thereof), or how, if at all, he lived religion (xx-xxi).
In The Souls of Black Folk Du Bois intended the various paradoxes to resonate not only with blacks but with whites as well, or at least with some of the older families of the Southern white planter class.