Dry Lab

An educational exercise in which most of the hands-on components of a particular lab procedure are performed with the exception of those requiring the use of a sink and biohazardous disposal
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In-house Epson Dry Lab Delivers School Sports Photo Business Better Quality, More Profit and No Chemical Waste
the leading photo retailer in Canada, has renewed its agreement with Kodak to be its principal supplier of retail photo kiosks and dry lab systems, consumable products, and services across the retailer's entire chain of photo centers.
Speaking at the launch of APEX dry lab, Arif Khan, Area Manager Kodak (Near East) Inc.
The facility contains five different sections: a lobby, an office for the collection manager, a wet lab, a dry lab, and a storage room containing the cryovats.
The building's interior will include standard dry lab space with meeting areas and a 40-to-60 seat multi-media theatre for aquatic researchers and lake stewardships groups to connect via the Internet with other research colleagues at a distance.
The trainees then moved to a dry lab where they were given a step-by-step demonstration on the proper placement of external-fixation devices on simulated skeletons that mimic the feel of natural bones.
Its KODAK Adaptive Picture Exchange (APEX) dry lab solution also has number one market share worldwide.
We have a wish list of what we want in the wet and dry lab, and storage facilities.
Bartell Drugs is a shining example of how a chain drug retailer can grow its photo center business in a rational, profitable manner with Kodak's scalable kiosk and dry lab solutions," said Michael Saturnia, General Manager, Americas Consumer Business, Eastman Kodak Company.
Epson SureLab D3000 Professional Dry Lab Offers Portrait Photographers Fast, High-Volume, Quality Prints with Ease
Company Has #1 Installed Base of Dry Lab Printing Systems in Europe in Segment with More Than 100% Annual Growth