driving under the influence

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Driving under the influence. The act of operating a moving vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other neuropharmacolic agents

driving under the influence (of alcohol)

DUI, driving while intoxicated, DWI Public health The act of operating a moving vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. See Alcohol, Moving vehicle accident.
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One person was challaned every 30 seconds for drunken driving on Wednesday night
Prohibit diversion programs that permit erasing, deferring or otherwise purging drunken driving records or that allow offenders to avoid license suspensions; 27 have done so.
Two years ago, Mothers Against Drunk Driving gave the state a grade of D+ for the strength of its drunken driving laws.
Campbell was formally charged with aggravated assault, drunken driving, extreme drunken driving and leaving the scene of an accident, the Maricopa County Attorney's office in Arizona said.
In addition, the Nevada Supreme Court observed that attitudes toward drunken driving had changed during the 15 years since that decision.
Gilliam faces speeding, reckless driving, drug possession and drunken driving charges.
LANCASTER -- Police charged a Clinton man with drunken driving after he crashed his car into the front porch of a house on Chace Hill Road Sunday night.
Eugene Police officials on Wednesday sought to counter the antagonistic response to their planned drunken driving enforcement that they have dubbed "No refusal.
The menace of drunken driving was highlighted during the sustained action by the traffic police.
The National Police Agency is considering requiring people whose drivers' licenses were revoked for drunken driving to go through additional programs designed to fight addiction before getting a new license, agency officials said Thursday.
Byline: A man who was acquitted of drunken driving earlier celebrated the best way he knew: by drinking alcohol.
TORONTO: Kiefer Sutherland, star of the hit television series 24, should be dropped from Canadian TV ads promoting Ford vehicles after his second drunken driving conviction, an advocacy group has said.