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tym·pan·ic mem·brane

a thin tense membrane forming the greater part of the lateral wall of the tympanic cavity and separating it from the external acoustic meatus; it constitutes the boundary between the external and middle ears; it is a trilaminar membrane covered with skin on its external surface, mucosa in its internal surface, is covered on both surfaces with epithelium, and, in the tense part, has an intermediate layer of outer radial and inner circular collagen fibers.


See eardrum.
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quiver in a dancer's hat, past the drumskin tattooed with an Indian chief.
It is debated whether the drumskin (obtained from either of two kinds of lizard) should be associated with Afek's knee or those of her younger or elder brothers.
com Museum to feature permanent reminder of city's special year WHAT have a gold brooch, a drumskin and a sticky, defaced, falling-apart listings brochure got in common?
THE hand-painted drumskin, seen on the front cover of The Beatles' legendary 1967 album Sgt Pepper, fetched a world record pounds 541,250 yesterday.
A bass drumskin, used on the front cover of the Beatles' 1967 albumSgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was expected to sell for between pounds 100,000 and pounds 150,000.
For the chance to win the bass drumskin played by John in the video and signed by its stars, answer this question: Which comedy-drama set in Manchester did John Thomson star in?