drum circle

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drum circle,

n a spiritual, communal, or therapeutic music experience in which participants join together in a circle with drums, move, dance using various percussion instruments, voices, and other devices. These circles are used to reduce stress, anxiety and blood pressure, to in-crease immune system function, and to create a sense of community.
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Our group also runs drum circles and draws analogies between a drum circle and how a community should work together covering across all aspects of life.
Musician Rania Amr conducted several drum circles at Gramophone.
Enjoy live Art, Music and Rock, to Dancing, Drum Circles and more.
Drum Circles are not restricted by background, age or nationality but are a crosscultural platform for connection.
Wilsey, who has been playing drums professionally for over 25 years, performs and leads drum circles at assisted living communities throughout Chicagoland, and he says the seniors always enjoy the opportunity to make some music.
Kite-making, storytelling, drum circles and sports will engage community members, and the inaugural ripe food and craft market will attract guests.
Dubai Drums, which was formed in 2002, has been conducting community drum circles at different events for many years.
To accommodate the crowd, especially those wanting to ride the musical rhythm of rock bands, drum circles and solo guitarists, the fair has expanded its southern area, now called "The Bubble.
There is a chance to get involved, too, with two drum circles run by drummers Gbubemi Amas and Emmanuel Okuni Annang in which children and adults can try their hands at playing djembes and congas.
I have participated in four drum circles in my life, and I was terrified every single time.
White, while many drum circles claim to be family friendly and yet appear more to have a spirit of tolerance rather than inclusion for children, "Nan is fantastic and engaging with everyone there, perhaps especially the little kids.
All across the United States, Occupy Wall Street members have been holding protests, demonstrations, pickets and drum circles.