Druggable Target

A protein class that has had drugs developed against it Examples Cell receptors, ion channels, enzymes—e.g., COX-2
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Chair of the Pulmonary Department at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, are targeting a key molecule of this pathway as a druggable target that can be modulated to reduce hypersecretion of mucus.
They then used high-throughput computerized molecular screening and computerized drug design to reveal a druggable target site.
This report focuses on the intensely studied and highly druggable target class known as G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs).
Abstract Number/Title Date Abstract 1922: Inhibiting PIM-1 is Effective in Vitro and in Vivo against ALL: A Novel Mechanistic and Potentially Clinically Relevant Druggable Target Dec 7 Abstract 2629: Preclinical Characterization of the JAK-2 Inhibitor, SGI-1252 Dec 7 Abstract 3355: Anti-AML Activity of Combined Epigenetic Therapy with Novel DNMT1 Inhibitors SGI-110 or SGI-1036 and Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor Panobinostat Dec 8 About SuperGen
The arrival of monoclonal antibody and therapeutic protein technologies allowed ECS targets to be exploited, expanding the druggable target space and driving sales growth across 2006-12.
In a poster presentation entitled "Inhibiting PIM-1 is effective in vitro and in vivo against ALL: A novel mechanistic and potentially clinically relevant druggable target," Dr.
announced today that their researchers had identified an important cell growth regulator and druggable target likely associated with human cancers and neurodegenerative disorders.
We're approaching a situation where every druggable target has been tried, the market is getting saturated, the low-hanging fruit has gone.
Crticial issues of ADCs, such as therapeutic window, druggable targets, manufacturing and financing are addressed and opportunities outlined.
The druggable targets should be amenable to high throughput screening, in silico analyses and other drug discovery methodologies, which in turn, will lead to innovative therapies.
It is the ultimate goal of Insight Genetics to develop a robust sequencing strategy to extensively profile the TNBC subtypes and identify druggable targets and biomarkers predictive of responsiveness to various therapies.
Access to the highest quality testing within clinically relevant timelines is essential for patients in our networks, but more importantly the PCDx test provides druggable targets and treatment options for those who need it the most.