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A third situation is drug-induced coma utilizing barbiturates or propofol for metabolic suppression.
Of patients in the other herbal and dietary supplement group, 78% presented with jaundice and 48% presented with pruritus, compared with and 68% and 53%, respectively, of those with drug-induced liver injury.
Prompt diagnosis and treatment of drug-induced hyperbilirubinaemia, with immediate discontinuation of the medication, appear to allow fetal development to remain unaffected.
Drug-induced sleep walking or other sleep behaviors can occur in people who are using a drug correctly and who do not have a history of sleep walking or other sleep behavior.
ince no pharmaceutical strategies currently exist for preventing drug-induced liver injury, treatment options are limited to discontinuing the offending drug, supportive care and transplantation for end-stage liver failure.
Up to 15% of drug-induced acute renal failure is caused by hypersensitivity reactions that cause renal tubular and interstitial inflammation.
INH has been implicated as one of over 80 medications implicated in drug-induced lupus erythematosus (DILE), which has been defined as a lupus-like syndrome that is temporarily related to continuous drug exposure (from 1 month to over a decade) and resolves after cessation of the offending pharmacologic agent.
Understanding the genetic underpinnings of major drug-related adverse events such as drug-induced liver injury remains one of our top priorities at FDA," said Janet Woodcock, M.
To learn more about drug-induced nutrient depletion, the reference book Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion Handbook (Lexi-Comp Inc.
Drug-induced thrombocytopenia presents several diagnostic and management challenges.
A psychiatric report concluded at the time of the fire in November last year, Oxley was suffering from a drug-induced psychosis, Newcastle Crown Court was told.

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