War on Drugs

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An initiative begun under the administration of US President Ronald Reagan that attempted to eliminate—or markedly decrease—drug abuse.
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The Defence Forces spokesman said: "An international operation led by the Irish Joint Task Force on Drug Interdiction (JTF), comprising of Naval, Revenue Customs and Garda S'ochana resources assisted by the Maritime Analysis and Operations Centre - Narcotics, (MAOCN) in Lisbon and the Serious Organised Crime Agency UK, is ongoing off the South-West coast.
Assessing the impact of such a wide variety of programs is difficult because some are indirectly related to drug interdiction, and because results reporting has been limited and inconsistent.
The lone exception is USINT's drug interdiction specialist, a commissioned Coast Guard officer who exchanges limited tactical information with Cuban officials on drug interdiction and migration operations.
But drug interdiction and mandatory jail time for repeat offenders has gone a long way toward tamping down what had been a spiraling epidemic of violence in major U.
Morgan, a retired US Customs Service Special Agent, spent much of his career on the US-Mexican border engaged in drug interdiction efforts.
drug interdiction team under the leadership of Captain Alexander Scot Richter, to the elimination of an entire Colombian Village, Ignoble is a riveting drama with spelling binding action from beginning to end.
It will be used primarily for search and rescue and drug interdiction, but it will also help combat illegal immigration, said Ron Fisher, president and CEO of Raytheon Canada.
It has used troops for immigration patrol and drug interdiction.
But its core offering remained interesting little stories from the front lines of drug interdiction, written in detached prose and published anonymously.
To be sure, the ripple effect is positive, our programs in countries bordering Colombia have also kept drug cultivation there at record low levels, increased the effectiveness and coverage of drug interdiction programs, strengthened the judiciary's ability to prosecute, and expanded economic opportunities for the poor.
This mission directly paralleled our migrant and drug interdiction mission in the Coast Guard and we quickly adapted to a new environment.
Eberhart plans to transform Joint Task Force (JTF) Six, a drug interdiction unit of 160 military personnel located at Ft.
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