Drug Seeker

A person who seeks narcotic agents from a physician or other licensed prescriber, either for personal use or to sell
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Had he "built up a resistance to the drug" or was he anxious that he would be labelled a drug seeker and be under medicated as usual?
If you do all these things and are victimized by someone who is a drug seeker, at least you have documented your efforts and have done everything you can do," she said.
But drug seekers have been reported to actually prefer the ER formulations because tampering with these products provides them with a higher maximum concentration of the drug, and while ADFs can discourage abuse, the drugs are still addicting and they can still be abused.
Below is a checklist that may be used to facilitate detection management of prescription drug seekers and drug addicts not in recovery.
Indeed, it would seem that on a given day of seeing patients, you'll find that drug seekers might be the only ones actually taking their prescribed medications.
ORLANDO -- Bias on the part of physicians and other health care providers may result in their categorizing certain patients as being difficult or as drug seekers, which could prevent them from providing effective pain relief to those patients, Dr.
ATLANTA -- Severe chronic pain is virtually always accompanied by physiologic abnormalities, and biologic markers should be used to help distinguish drug seekers from patients with a legitimate need for opioids, Dr.
is taking an innovative approach to combat the ever growing problem of prescription drug abuse as well as using biometrics to prevent identity fraud which is currently used to circumvent prescription monitoring programs in 32 other states, and preventing these drugs from illegally getting in the hands of drug seekers and dealers.
Slides and excerpts from interviews with self-confessed drug seekers will be used to expose techniques addicts use to get prescriptions for controlled substances -- everything from faking illnesses to posing as physicians or forgoing prescriptions.