Drug Lord

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The head of an illicit, usually multinational drug procurement and/or distribution conglomerate (cartel), who maintains his/her empire by fear, murder and extortion, and finances the operation with via crooked accountants, money laundering, offshore shell companies and anonymous bank accounts
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They sent in a special task force headed by Commander [Guillermo Gonzalez] Calderoni, who eventually went on to kill Pablo Acosta, the drug lord of the book.
Ultimately, however, it was the Colombians, and not the Americans, who finally brought the drug lord down.
He was intimately familiar with the danger his brother faced in a desperately poor mountain region that had become a haven for drug lords.
the now 41-year-old former drug lord was arrested in Aug.
HERMEL, Lebanon: Notorious drug lord Noah Zeaiter's shoulder was lightly wounded by a bullet Friday during a shootout with the Lebanese Army in the Bekaa Valley.
Earlier, drug lord Raja Kandola, who was arrested by the Delhi Police in October 2012 and is currently in Tihar jail, had put the Punjab Police and politicians in the dock by alleging their connections with drug lords.
Summary: Washington: A Puerto Rico drug lord faces life in prison after being convicted for his .
Washington, Dec 12(ANI): Hajji Juma Khan, the biggest and most dangerous drug lord in Afghanistan who was arrested and transported to New York to face charges under a new American narco-terrorism law in 2008, was a longtime American informer, according to current and former American officials.
THE RAID (18) ROOKIE cop Rama (Iko Uwais) is part of an ill-prepared SWAT team charged with infiltrating a 15-storey apartment block, which doubles as the headquarters of notorious drug lord Tama (Ray Sahetapy) and his sadistic henchmen.
Terrence Poppa discusses the third edition of his book, Drug Lord, which includes a new epilogue that analyzes how U.
A DRUG lord suspected of being behind a string of massacres in Mexico will be held for 40 days pending an investigation into organised crime.
Speaking to reporters in the capital Mexico City, Edgar Luis Villegas, the deputy defence minister, said an army raid was closing in on one of Coronel's safehouses when the drug lord opened fire on soldiers.