Drug Discovery

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The process of developing a therapeutically active substance for a defined target molecule or pathway
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com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Drug Discovery Technologies - A Global Market Overview
These techniques provide the initial answers as to whether a potential therapeutic compound merits further evaluation and testing, making it of immense use to drug discovery and development.
It is hoped that this initiative will stimulate drug discovery research efforts in the small business community.
to the position of Senior Vice President, Drug Discovery.
This Kalorama Information Report, Outsourcing in Drug Discovery, t provides an in depth look into the trends that have shaped the drug discovery outsourcing market today, and details the current and future global market.
Argenta Discovery Ltd, Harlow, UK, a contract drug discovery and respiratory drug development company, has entered into a two-year drug discovery collaboration with Novartis.
VistaGen has an exclusive license to these stem cell technologies for all pharmaceutical drug discovery and screening applications.
Biomarkers in Drug Discovery - Integration in Early Stage Promotes Use of Companion Diagnostics to Optimize Therapeutic Outcomes utm_campaign=Drug_Discovery_and_Development
have formed a collaborative drug discovery program to elucidate inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases, specifically the M10 family.
The report provides key data, information and analysis of the major trends and issues affecting the drug discovery and development market in seven major countries in Asia, namely China, India, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea.
By combining MitoKor's unique platform in mitochondrial biology with Mimotopes' advanced technology in combinatorial chemistry, solid phase synthesis and novel polymer systems, the company intends to form a fully integrated drug discovery company.

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