Safe Injection Room

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A place supervised by nurses and social workers where drug users can safely inject illicit drugs
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It's called the Drug Consumption Room, or the DCR, and it is run in Copenhagen.
Included in this scale are surfaces for the operation of a drug consumption room (including a cafeteria) and a methadone clinic, which also roughly in the new building complex with a total volume of surface.
I can hear it now: "Don't do me any tea, ma - I'm off to that drug consumption room, cos I'm really in the mood to consume loads of drugs.
He also referred to the Randomised Injectable Opiates Treatment Trial in Darlington that he says revealed the effectiveness of drug consumption rooms.
Innovative approaches like drug consumption rooms have a place in that continuum, along with increased investment in residential treatment beds to ensure timely treatment is available when it is needed.
Drug consumption rooms in which addicts can shoot up safely have been introduced in Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Spain, Norway, Luxembourg, Canada and Australia.
Sheesha cafes are just like drug consumption rooms (DCRs) in Pakistan, wherein dependent drug users are allowed to bring their illegally obtained drugs and take them in supervised, hygienic conditions," he said.
And the Scottish government and opposition parties were quick to reject the call for drug consumption rooms - otherwise known as shooting galleries.
Montgomeryshire MP Lembit Opik believes drug consumption rooms would cut drug-related crime and improve addicts' health.
Lady Runciman said: "While millions of drug injections have taken place in drug consumption rooms abroad, no one has died yet from an overdose.
Setting up and evaluating drug consumption rooms would be a rational and overdue extension to UK harm reduction policies.