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For all his enticing bloodlines - he emanates from the same family as Haafhd and Gladiatorus, his granddam, Geraldine's Store, being a half-sister to Al Bahathri - Ferrule could just as easily have ended up competing in the dressage arena with his owner Penny Ford-McNicol after she rescued him from the Hong Kong Jockey Club's rehabilitation yard.
The Double Diamond complex includes multiple barns, paddocks, a dressage arena, covered round pens, multiple outdoor pens with pipe fencing, automatic walkers, and a large maintenance facility.
From only one ring in the early days, there are now four rings, plus a dressage arena.
Welt Adel became jumpy on the way into the dressage arena and from that moment Holstein was never going to have a chance in an event based around the poise and control exhibited by the horse.
Fox-Pitt, a member of Great Britain's Olympic silver medalwinning eventing team in London four weeks ago, will be on last year's Burghley winner Parklane Hawk in the dressage arena today.
The test is fairly basic, however, simply getting into a dressage arena and performing can be a daunting task, and this test is aimed to build both rider and horse confidence.
The future for Zimbabwe will start with three months' box recuperation and then is likely to move into the dressage arena with owner Graham Gillespie's daughter.
Among its facilities, the centre offers an indoor school, complete with new show jumps, dressage arena, an all-weather ride/gallop with a two-furlong flat oval track and a two-and-a-half-furlong hill track.
She still lives in their pounds 1million marital home - a Georgian mansion near Bath with stables, a dressage arena, and swimming pool.
She was eliminated on her Badminton debut in 1995 when Poggio leapt out of the dressage arena and retired in 1999 with Westlord at the Vicarage Vee on the cross-country stage.
She will head into the dressage arena this weekend with Imperial Cavalier, or Archie as he is affectionately known, the 15-year-old Irish-bred gelding on which King has enjoyed consistent success.