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John William, English chemist, 1811-1882. See: Draper law.
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Timothy Cook Draper is founder and managing director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and founder of the Draper University of Heroes.
One of those buyers was Cone Denim, a company that put its Draper looms into storage in the 20th century as market pressures pushed textile manufacturers to adopt modern, high-speed equipment.
Although we generally work on larger-scale projects, our long relationship with Brad Zackson and our conviction that this building is important and unique convinced us to accept the assignment," said Schell of Dorothy Draper & Co.
Draper seems to love Toronto, and the descriptions of familiar Torontonian iconography such as Swiss Chalet, Citytv, the CBC and CFRB leave a warm feeling for those who know these institutions well.
A member of Troop 22, Draper was named an Eagle Scout, the highest honor awarded by the Boy Scouts, during his sophomore year of high school.
Mrs Shakeshaft, who has since died of a heart attack, lived alone in the Great Sutton area of Cheshire, and Sharon Draper was her carer between March 2002 and April 2003.
For Draper, the Chatsworth branch will be the perfect haven for book lovers.
Unbelievably, the spanner that Draper had threatened to put in the Henman works was beginning to go about its business.
We are thrilled that Steve Wozniak has decided to jump back into the arena with yet another visionary plan," said Draper.
Every house in the Middle Ages had its own well, says Draper.
Born in Florence to an artistic family that included his aunt, the monologuist Ruth Draper, he was a self-taught dancer who later studied ballet and explored the possibilities of combining it with tap.