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Also, the results suggested that reducing the drain spacing promoted the root zone aeration.
65 m and drain spacing of 30 m could provide desired water table level during wet seasons.
Drain spacing effects on water table control and sugarcane yields.
Modeling Impacts of Tile Drain Spacing and Depth on Nitrate-Nitrogen Losses.
The drain spacing, L, is given by the equation (2) positive solution.
DrenVSubIR software validates only the 22 m larger drain spacing drainage systems to work in reversible way as subirrigation.
The valid subirrigation systems are only the drainage systems that have the drain spacing greater than 22 m.
In table 3 the comparison between the maize productions with drainage drain spacing versions matched in the field setup (first part) and in the DrenVSubIR design (second part) are presented in two parts.