Dragon's Mouth

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Dragon's Mouth,

n.pr a Shiatsu technique in which the practitioner uses the same hand to simultaneously stabilize the limb being worked on and to apply pressure with the first knuckle of the index finger.
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Dragon's Mouth.
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In the poem "here yet be dragons" the poet observes that "so many languages have fallen / off of the edge of the world / into the dragon's mouth.
his sisters, and brother Shiva, who died in 1985 -- author of Fireflies and Beyond the Dragon's Mouth -- were grilled by their father -- a journalist and short story writer -- in vocabulary and comprehension.
Plume Fog (KFNPJ) - delivers a tight plume effect with superior throw, this nozzle is perfect for bursting fog effects such as rocket blasts, smoke from a dragon's mouth or an erupting volcano.
And if it was built on the old Standard Landfill tip site in Drury, the methane gas seeping from it could be used to power flames from the dragon's mouth, making it visible for miles around.
A picture of the Dee Estuary comes out of the dragon's mouth.
Dragon's Mouth Barley Wine is the first in a series of bottle-conditioned "Cellar Reserve" beers from Grand Teton Brewing Co.
The spring water feature, designed by his wife Jackie, by the dragon's mouth has the water tripping through immersion coils and the spring is flanked by a stretch of "Real upland Welsh turf from the Elan Valley" that supplies Birmingham with its superb water that is far superior to the muggy tap water in London.