Dr. Laura

Laura Schlessinger (1947–), an American radio host, author, and politically conservative commentator. Once a professional counselor, Schlessinger offers advice to callers every day on The Dr. Laura Program, her nationally-syndicated radio show
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The roundtable was co-moderated by Michael Parker, vice president of public policy for the Salt Lake Chamber, and Dr.
a leading mobile media and app company, has secured a partnership with popular television personality and relationship expert, Dr.
Already this year, she has hired three more doctors: Dr.
I read Joan Garry's self-congratulatory "Taking On Dr.
5 billion self-help industry also comprising weekend power retreats by the likes of Tony Robbins; life coaches who will, for a fee, coach you to become a coach yourself; and such radio busybodies as Dr.
A leading Holocaust Studies institute is urging outspoken radio talk show host Dr.
Phil (author of the chart-topper Relationship Rescue) and Dr.
Episodes mock gay stereotypes, finding Gay Duck coming out to his parents, baby-sitting a kid with an interest in the mirthful mallard's pornography, and mixing it up with noted homophobe Dr.
The event will feature the following presentations: Optoelectronics Overview by Dr.
KTHV gained a rating and a share point to post a 6 and 13, in spite of its ailing lead-in, "The Dr.
Though seen as a dispenser of indispensable advice by millions, Dr.