Dr. Jack Kevorkian

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A retired Detroit pathologist and self-proclaimed ‘obitiatrist’, who invented a ‘self-execution machine’. Kevorkian was a constroversial figure instrumental in crystallising the debate in the US about a person’s right to die
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Yesterday in a high school class, we watched a ``60 Minutes'' segment about Dr.
As a firm believer in the complete freedom of every individual to choose and do with his own life whatever he desires, providing it hurts no other person or people, I support and praisefully admire Dr.
Finally, on November 22, CBS's 60 Minutes aired a "snuff film" in which Dr.
In two separate trials in March and May of this year (his second and third, respectively), Dr.
While Judge Rothstein was pondering the rights of a kind of privacy that leaves a cadaver for someone else to dispose of - and while the sane, responsible people were saying that, oh, Dr.
I know, since the person testifying at the trial of Dr.
The most sensational of the four were the March 9 and May 14 acquittals by Michigan juries of Dr.
Of course, what the magisterium is worried about is euthanasia, popularized spectacularly by Dr.
Other critical steps toward reform include the heroic activism of Dr.
Ron Adkins related the story of Janet Adkins, who was the first person Dr.
The debate over euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide has been a long-simmering controversy, periodically punctuated when retired Michigan pathologist Dr.