Dr. Jack Kevorkian

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A retired Detroit pathologist and self-proclaimed ‘obitiatrist’, who invented a ‘self-execution machine’. Kevorkian was a constroversial figure instrumental in crystallising the debate in the US about a person’s right to die
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Washington, Jan 15 (ANI): Al Pacino is set to step into the shoes of Dr.
These are additional letters from Saturday's Public Forum, for which readers were asked their opinions on assisted suicide and whether they thought the 10- to 25-year sentence Dr.
Developments include passage of a proeuthanasia referendum in Oregon, two federal court rulings that overturned laws banning assisted suicide in the states of New York and Washington, and the much publicized involvement of Michigan's Dr.
The Seattle ruling came a day after a jury in Detroit acquitted Dr.
On Tuesday, March 30, Court TV plans to air a comprehensive one-hour special on Dr.
In modern times, the issue garnered headlines in the 1990s with the highly-charged prosecution in Michigan of Dr.
I believe that any judge who presides over a case such as that of Dr.
Finally, on November 22, CBS's 60 Minutes aired a "snuff film" in which Dr.
In two separate trials in March and May of this year (his second and third, respectively), Dr.
While Judge Rothstein was pondering the rights of a kind of privacy that leaves a cadaver for someone else to dispose of - and while the sane, responsible people were saying that, oh, Dr.
I know, since the person testifying at the trial of Dr.
Kevorkian marks the fourth trial Court TV has televised involving Dr.