Dr. Firestone

A message announced over a hospital’s public address system, indicating a fire in the facility, as in ‘Paging Dr. Firestone to 3 West’
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Senator Liu is an ardent advocate on behalf of individuals with autism," said Dr.
Today we celebrate the potential of young people with autism and other special needs to lead productive and rewarding lives in our communities - and we're here to honor those who give these young people the chance to succeed," Dr.
Manhattan's board expresses its appreciation to Dr.
With this approach we actually work through the interval of two muscles in the front of the hip," Dr.
In a report published in the Journal of Bone and Joint surgery, Dr.
The human body evolved to handle a sustained activity level and to endure long stretches of famine," explains Dr.
Our animal studies have now yielded strong support for our prediction" observes Dr.
Another major problem facing obese patients right now, is that treatment with the current generation of obesity drugs can be worse than the disease," Dr.