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1 or Windows 95, a 486 DX33 PC, 8 MB RAM, a 256 color VGA monitor, a mouse and a double speed CD-ROM drive.
The CD requires a Pentium(r) 90 MHz processor, Windows(r) 95 or Windows NT, 16 MB RAM, a double speed CD-ROM drive (quad speed recommended), 16 bit Windows compatible sound card, SVGA graphics for 640 x 480 high color (16 bit), 2 MB VRAM strongly recommended and a Microsoft compatible mouse.
The program requires an SVGA video card, speakers or headphones, double speed CD-ROM drive, and a mouse.
Game Blaster CD 16, which has a suggested retail price of $549, includes Sound Blaster(TM) 16, Creative's double speed CD-ROM drive, a high-performance joystick, speakers, and an assortment of the latest best-selling game titles.
It features a 440MB hard drive, Diamond Viper's PCI graphics accelerator configured with 2MB of VRAM, a double speed CD-ROM drive, and a 15" flat square color monitor.
It features 440MB hard drive, Viper PCI, a double speed CD-ROM drive, a 15" flat square color monitor, Intel's superscalar 60MHz Pentium processor, 64-bit data path, 8MB of RAM, 256 processor cache, a 3.