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Approximately 1-5 % performance gain is obtained with double precision.
Caption: FIGURE 5: Performance comparison for double precision on C2050.
Finally, due to the very high accuracy achieved by the approximate prolate and Knab window as well as the NUFFT, the minimum achieved coherence values have been, for the double precision case, equal to 1 in all the three cases.
This research implemented a simple conversion method for converting 16bit fixed point numbers to 64bit IEEE 754 double precision floating point number and vice versa.
The details of test problems in double precision are given in Table 1.
To mimic pure single precision and double precision in the absence of overflow and underflow, one has to set the rounding precision (called precision control) to 24, respectively 53 bits.
If speed is not important, one may program a congruential generator in double precision.
The results in Section 5 of this article show that the new exponential and Cauchy sampling routines are about as fast as a square root--in standard and double precision.
With nearly 38 times the performance of the closest competing product based on double precision testing1, and powered by OpenCL , the AMD FirePro W8100 is designed for the next generation of 4K CAD (Computing Aided Design) and Media and Entertainment (M&E) workflows, engineering analysis and supercomputing applications.
where prec is the number of bytes corresponding to the precision used (four bytes for single precision and eight bytes for double precision in IEEE format), while CS is the cache size in bytes.
Intel's "Knights Corner" product, the first commercial co-processor based on the Intel[R] Many Integrated Core (Intel[R] MIC) architecture, was shown for the first time breaking the barrier of 1 TFLOPS double precision performance**.