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As most of the UN members have been exposed for pursuing double standard, the position that Saudi Arabia has taken is in my view stands out, which should be welcomed by all the countries.
Knowing that a double standard exists is the challenge, and the frustration of being a diverse candidate in corporate America.
73) At the same time, however, feminists argued that the sexual double standard was wrong, and the broader public also had little sympathy for men's need to resort to brothels.
The double standard relating to Jews is everywhere and functions in important ways for Jews and Christians.
It dies when a policy creates a double standard or when favoritism, cronyism, or career aggrandizement develop it.
The presidential double standard undercuts the distinction between public and private life and support for the participatory concept of the citizen president.
In order to overcome the double standard inherent in the State Department's use of the word terrorism, the definition must be changed.
We also have a double standard when it comes to managing.
Speaking at the opening of "Women in the World" in New York City, Clinton said that the double standard is alive and in many respects the media is the principal propagator of its persistence.
A Foreign Ministry statement said, "The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia believes that the manner, the mechanisms of action and a double standard existing in the Security Council prevent it from performing its duties and assuming its responsibilities toward preserving international peace and security as and when required.
US double standard on nuclear issue with reference to Pakistan and India had been changed and its policy to include Pakistan in nuclear countries list would lower the scale of criticism against US in terms of its double standards, he added.
The biggest double standard in question is the one Ed Morales is asking for -- that illegal people be allowed to circumvent the laws of the nation.