Double Heterozygote

An organism in which there are 2 alleles for a particular trait, which is variably expressed
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There is also a combined variant, HbSC (known as sickle-hemoglobin C disease), or double heterozygote.
Arab] on the clinical severity of the disease, compared with the more frequently observed Hb S/C double heterozygote.
i] levels in the double heterozygote class of our Boggs-RR x CX1834-1-2 population (equivalent to the [F.
The last indeterminate sample had an unexpectedly low temperature transition and sequenced as the double heterozygote 1298AC, 1317TC (Fig.
The most common form of dominance-by-dominance epistasis (12/17) is for the double heterozygote to be underdominant or weigh less than predicted by additivity.
The displacement of the double heterozygote was so great that it was distinguishable in all cases, but accurate detection of the single heterozygote was not achieved with all instruments.
The GMF of the double heterozygote can be higher than that of the homozygote (i,i) but not more than by a multiplier [(1 - r).
It is assumed that the cis- and trans- forms of the double heterozygote have the same fitness.
The double heterozygote shows the greatest deviation from wild type because 2 mismatches are present within the PCR product.
The double heterozygote of two endothelin-1 gene polymorphisms (G8002A and -3A/-4A) is related to big endothelin levels in chronic heart failure.
HPLC detected all of the diseases detected by IEF except for one double heterozygote, in which the printed chromatogram was entirely normal (Table 2).