Double Counting

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A error that occurs in meta-analysis when a population is over-represented because part of a cohort was tabulated or placed more than once in a subpopulation being analysed from a larger population
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DENR Bataan Wildlife Division Chief Mila Ramirez said that aside from the city, the census was also simultaneously held in various bird watching sites in the country to avoid double counting.
The agency earlier warned of double counting amid the confusion in the storm's aftermath.
This book supplies students with 112 introductory to intermediate combinatorial problems drawn from the AwesomeMath summer program, as well as tools for solving counting problems, proof techniques, and examples related counting basics, permutations and combinations, multinomials, the principle of inclusion-exclusion, Pascal's triangle and the binomial theorem, the double counting principle, the pigeonhole principle, induction, recurrence relations, graph theory, invariants, combinatorial geometry, generating functions, and probabilities and probabilistic method.
The agency cited double counting for the higher figure.
At that time a note from the State Bank of India's chief economist Soumya Kanti Ghosh had raised a possibility of double counting on the numbers to include interbank deposits and deposits by post offices.
Officials have said the experts conducting the census used a combination of direct sightings, photographs and GPS tracking technology to document each lion and avoid double counting.
He claims to have halved it by double counting money we were already owed.
Active, retired and separated vested participants not yet in pay status; the number of participants also includes double counting of workers in more than one plan.
We regret the error which arose from double counting in the process of communicating the additional death from the operational center in Lagos to the federal ministry of health.
Shari Ireton of the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office said the number of people reported unaccounted for could include double counting, as it was the result of combining a number of lists of people missing, not always with full names.
This Article argues that the double counting controversy reveals the self-contradictions of the current subsidy regulation regime as to the fundamental question of why subsidies" need to be regulated.
The nation's record funding expansion this year may be overstated in part because of double counting, the banking group said.