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10 June 2013, Double A Alizay produced its first paper roll by importing raw material from Thailand and Brazil
30 November 2013, Double A Alizay recruited 150 employees
1 December 2013, the General Council announces the sale of the pulp factory to Double A Alizay
On the same day, Double A Alizay announced its goal to restart the factory during the first half of 2015.
Leetavorn shared that the next goal in 1 or 2 years is to venture in new markets and grow and become the dominant player in markets that are strategic to Double A.
Double A however possesses a singularly unique position in all markets, the key here is consistency supported by integrated marketing communications and branding and a well dedicated team.
Double A has also launched its portfolio of sustainable yet equally superior quality paper brands such as Hi-Plus (75 gsm), Quality Blue (70 gsm), Quality Green (80 gsm) andSpeed Red (80 gsm).
With such, monitoring of any sign of machine stoppage is getting better with Double A.
Increased production of Double A paper which also increases approximately 20,000 Double A Paper - Tree grown per year.
Double A Paper from KHAN-NA also provide occupational opportunities for the community.
Double A Paper from KHAN-NA is already a nationwide program which covers 60 provinces of Thailand.
While increasing the farm income, Double A Paper from KHAN-NA also increases carbon capture and helps in preserving the world's natural rainforests from deforestation.