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com/article/2016/10/19/blindspot-rich-dotcom-ennis-esmer-season-2/) Entertainment Weekly , Rich Dotcom and Jane are on the field working on case.
Dotcom was the owner of website Megauploadz, which has now been seized by the US authorities.
Dotcom also established and funded the Internet Party to fight last year's general election and derail the ruling center-right government, but it failed to win a single seat in Parliament.
Dotcom told Radio New Zealand on Monday the past year had been a
The launch is a ballsy move by Dotcom (born Kim Schmitz - he changed his name legally in 2005), given that the German-Finnish former hacker is currently based in New Zealand fighting extradition by the US government.
Dotcom himself, brought him to the brink of bankruptcy.
Dotcom, who spent a month in jail in New Zealand before being released on bail, has since created another service called Mega.
Dotcom suggested that New Zealand, where he currently lives, could be a place where user privacy is completely protected, as well as a 'safe haven' for companies competing with insecure U.
The cyber-locker service, which went live on Sunday morning to mark the exact time of the police raid had, according to Dotcom, a million visitors on its first day and 500,000 registered users.
a gleeful Dotcom bellowed from a giant stage set up in his yard, seconds before a helicopter roared overhead and faux police agents rappelled down the side of his mansion.
Dotcom told the Auckland High Court he tried to surrender peacefully to police during the raid in January, when about 70 armed police cooperating with a major US online piracy probe raided the mansion.
Summary: Megaupload boss Kim Dotcom says he is willing to go the US to clear his name after being accused of distributing copyrighted content.