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Marion, U.S. bacteriologist, 1872-1935. See: Dorset culture egg medium.
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Dorset County Council is inviting informal tender bids for the mansion and its 4.
VISITORS to Dorset are being welcomed to sample the County's local food and drink with the publication of a new tourism brochure by Dorset County Council.
Dorset County Council, working with Dorset Health Authority, is set to introduce the policy as part of specialist training being considered for its youth workers.
Dorset county council is seeking tenders to establish a works and services framework agreement with suitable contractors for the repairs, maintenance, minor and smaller capital works (rmmscw) for public sector properties in the county of dorset.
Tests on the kits were carried out by Dorset county council.
In the league table GOSS clients, South Tyneside Council, North Yorkshire County Council, Dorset County Council, Teignbridge District Council and Perth and Kinross Council were amongst the top few who were awarded the highly prized 4 star accolade.
Assistant Chief Constable James Vaughan, of Dorset Police, said the Dorset Fire and Rescue Service, police and Dorset County Council searched the tunnel previously.
Mullin has lodged an application for funding with the Learning and Skills Council and Dorset County Council to carry out a pilot study in Dorset to find the scale of the problem in the region.
McAlpine has been selected as the tier one national constructor for a partnering framework agreement with Dorset County Council that should amount to more than pounds 40 million over five years
Councillors will also have to consider whether they want to join forces with Dorset County Council, which is looking for local authority allies to mount a legal challenge to the trials on the grounds that "scientific experiments" are a change of use of farmland.