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Marion, U.S. bacteriologist, 1872-1935. See: Dorset culture egg medium.
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Weymouth and Portland Borough Council & West Dorset District Council partnership pest control services only.
A spokesman for Dorset Police said the victim had not been identified but the coroner has been notified.
Dorset Fire and Rescue Service declared the incident over at 12.
The drugs were then couriered down to Dorset and distributed in Bridport and the surrounding towns.
The new packaging includes the brand's strap-line; 'Live, Breathe, Drink', which centres on the great outdoors and Dorset heritage.
New genetic evidence also challenges a prevailing view that a remnant population of Dorset descendants survived into the early 20th century, until they died from a disease introduced by European whalers.
Mike Winter, head of Dorset highways management, said the tree-felling was carried out in May 2004 following a survey after an ash tree fell on to the road.
Watch our special report which shows people displaying their passion for Dorset Tea at special tea amnesty stations, joining many locals in saying "There's Only One T in Dorset
Dorset has a population of 22 to 28, and no formal government.
Meanwhile women born in East Dorset today will live to 86 while females in Manchester will only make it to 79.
A body believed to be that of missing 28-year-old Zara Broughton has been found on a beach in Dorset.
I 9 AM going to a wedding in Dorset next month and would like to combine it with a weekend away.