dorsal striatum

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dorsal striatum

those portions of the caudate nucleus and especially the putamen located generally superior to a plane representing the anterior commissure; also called the dorsal basal ganglia; may function in motor activities with cognitive origins.
Synonym(s): striatum dorsale [TA]


(stri-a'tum) [L., grooved]
The caudate nucleus and the putamen, two large nuclei deep in each cerebral hemisphere that appear distinct but are connected anteriorly and are histologically and functionally a single entity. The striatum and the globus pallidus are the core components of the basal ganglia. Synonym: corpus striatum; Synonym: dorsal striatum.

dorsal striatum


ventral striatum

The nucleus accumbens plus the olfactory tubercle at the base of the cerebral hemisphere. These regions are part of the limbic circuitry.
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In the dorsal striatum, GABAergic transmission is decreased following chronic ethanol drinking.
Methamphetamine-induced structural plasticity in the dorsal striatum.
The researchers performed brain scans to view blood flow to the dorsal striatum, showing brain activity, as the girls and women drank a chocolate milkshake or a flavorless liquid.
The dorsal striatum is thought to be involved with selecting and initiating actions.
To emphasize the importance of this approach, recent PET studies have shown significant positive correlations between selected dorsal striatum brain regions and drug cue-induced cocaine craving (Volkow et al.
This finding suggests that the dorsal striatum is particularly involved in driving reinforcement-learning behaviors," he said.
Of the basal ganglia, the dorsal striatum (or caudate nucleus and putamen) is indicated in the figure solely by the label "striatum"; part of the ventral striatum is represented by the nucleus accumbens; and the dorsal pallidum (that is to say, the globus pallidus) is shown.
Histologic analysis confirmed that cannula placement was appropriately located in dorsal striatum for all rats.
In contrast, rCBF in eight men (five from a prior PET study of cue-induced cocaine craving and three new subjects) increased to the amygdala and adjoining ventral striatum, dorsal striatum, and paralimbic cortex, including the ventral anterior cortex, insula, and orbitofrontal cortex (Am.
Their first steps were to show that PER2 is present in a specific brain area that normally receive dopamine, namely the dorsal striatum, and that it fluctuates daily in this area.
Interestingly, the same microRNA-212 identified in this study, is also expressed in the human's dorsal striatum, a brain region that has been linked to drug abuse and habit formation.
We saw activation in the dorsal striatum, an area involved in learning habits or things we do by rote, like riding a bike or brushing our teeth.