Doppler, Christian J.

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Christian J., Austrian mathematician and physicist in U.S., 1803-1853.
Doppler bidirectional test
Doppler echocardiography - use of Doppler ultrasonography techniques to augment two-dimensional echocardiography by allowing velocities to be registered within the echocardiographic image. Synonym(s): duplex echocardiography
Doppler effect - a change in frequency is observed when the sound and observer are in relative motion away from or toward each other. Synonym(s): Doppler phenomenon; Doppler principle
Doppler flow test
Doppler measurement
Doppler phenomenon - Synonym(s): Doppler effect
Doppler principle - Synonym(s): Doppler effect
Doppler probe
Doppler pulse evaluation
Doppler scope
Doppler shift - the magnitude of the frequency change in hertz when sound and observer are in relative motion away from or toward each other.
Doppler ultrasonography - application of the Doppler effect in ultrasound to detect movement of scatterers (usually red blood cells) by the analysis of the change in frequency of the returning echoes.
Doppler ultrasound flowmeter
Doppler ultrasound segmental blood pressure testing
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Doppler measurement of the middle cerebral artery (MCA) was performed for the prediction of fetal anemia and the peak systolic velocity (PSV) was significantly elevated (60 cm [s.
of Sydney) explains the fundamentals of signal processing and modulation before moving on to IR radiometers and image intensifiers, millimeter wave radiometers, active ranging sensors, active imaging sensors, signal propagation, Doppler measurement and radio frequency ID tags and transponders.
Sonic Doppler measurement systems make use of the Doppler frequency shift caused by sound reflected or scattered from suspensions in the flow path to detect the speed of the suspensions, which is assumed to be the same as the flow.
The lab's ultrasonic Doppler measurement system can be used to build a velocity profile for product flowing through a pipe, which can be an invaluable tool for process engineers.
The Doppler measurement is a lot like listening to a train whistle," Pappas says.
With the EchoFlow technology, Doppler measurement of blood flow velocity can be made by simply placing a transducer over a vessel and reading out the velocity of flow.
It can instantly detect vehicle speeds via Doppler measurements and obtain 360-degree sensing from a single antenna.
Tenders are invited for Providing ~Acoustic Doppler Measurements and Determinations Hydraulic
Washington, July 4 ( ANI ): Doppler measurements that help track storms on Earth may also be useful for understanding storms on the sun.
Model for laser Doppler measurements of blood flow in tissue.
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