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Celebrated by tech and entertainment critics around the world, Here Active Listening is the flagship product from Doppler Labs, which closed a $17M Series B earlier this year with entertainment industry leaders including the Chernin Group, WME, and UMG.
The incredibly talented team at Doppler Labs helped build some of the most recognizable products in the world," said Fritz Lanman, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Doppler Labs, angel investor (Pinterest, Square, etc.
In recent studies, usefulness of Doppler and non-Dop-pler parameters obtained by intraoperative TEE in the evaluation of regional and global systolic and diastolic myocardial functions and in the monitoring of hemodynamics has been well established.
Future studies will incorporate more simulations and more advanced models to test the ability of Doppler radar to track monsoon processes.
Doppler was also associated with a significant 10% reduction in the rate of cesarean sections.
The Live Pinpoint Doppler of KNBC (Channel 4) combines its information from five locations in Southern California - Vandenberg, Oxnard, Ojai, San Diego and LAX - to give weatherman Fritz Coleman a good handle on the storms soon to be passing through the area.
Dr Ball said: "On behalf of the Doppler Appeal committee, I would like to thank all those many people whose time, effort and generosity has helped raise this huge sum of money.
This cyclical shift in the light spectrum, known as the Doppler effect, shows the star's wobble patterns and betrays the presence of orbiting planets.
With UltraFast Doppler, SuperSonic Imagine is reinventing the Doppler analysis by breaking a 25-year-old rule in ultrasound of having to choose between flow imaging and flow quantification," said Jeremy Bercoff, PhD, Scientific Expert and Co-Founder of SuperSonic Imagine.
This financing follows Doppler Labs' unveiling of the Here Active Listening System, the first in-ear system that uses two truly wireless buds and a connected smartphone app to let you instantly control and personalize your live audio environment.
group 1 - digital color doppler ultrasound system-application in radiology group 2 - digital color doppler ultrasound system-application doppler kartoidnih arteries and tcd group 3 - digital color doppler ultrasound system-applications in gynecology group 4 - color doppler ultrasound with cardiac probe
15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Doppler Labs today announced that it will introduce DUBS Acoustic filters in Europe.