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medical directive

End-of-life decisions A specific and comprehensive advance care document–being developed for health care at the end of life. See Advance directive, Durable power of attorney, Living will.
Medical Directive–optimal components  
Introduction Provides an explanation of the document's purpose
Paradigmatic scenarios Provides examples that help the individual understand various illness circumstances and evaluate the types of life-sustaining interventions that might be employed; the PSs would–in theory–help the individual designate his/her preferences with respect to specific treatments
Proxy decision-maker Section provides details on who would make the decisions in the event of the individual becoming mentally incompetent
Organ donation Yes/no, what, to whom, for what
Personal statement The individual's 'wrap-up'

organ donation

The removal of a body part from one person for transplantation into another, typically to restore functional capacity.

Patient care

Organ donation may occur during life, as when a matched individual chooses to give bone marrow or a kidney to another; or it may occur at death, by those who have agreed to donate their organs if they suffer fatal accidents. Health care professionals working with trauma patients have a significant effect on increasing the number of organ donations through prompt identification of possible donors and the provision of hemodynamic management to preserve organ function and health.

See: donor card; transplantation
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The researchers describe building functional replacement kidneys on the structure of donor organs from which living cells had been stripped, an approach previously used to create bioartificial hearts, lungs and livers.
West Midlands Police said the donor organ, reported to be a liver, had been transported to a local hospital despite the wreckage of the Cessna catching fire.
West Midlands Police said the donor organ, reported to be a liver, had been delivered to a local hospital despite the wreckage of the Cessna catching fire.
The stark fact is that there are simply not enough donor organs to go round.
We are very keen to do as much as we can to save the lives of more patients on transplant lists who are waiting for donor organs.
The new study suggests that instead of waiting for a donor organ, surgeons could perform the cell transplant and remove the inflamed pancreas early in the disease to spare patients months of suffering.
A later solution called Eurocollin's extended the life of the donor organ a bit longer.
Finally, the ethical principle of justice and the Fair Opportunity Rule are presented as they apply to the current donor organ allocation system.
Assuming that up to 50,000 people with end-stage heart failure are candidates for transplantation11, maximization of donor organ utilization has enormous potential in cardiac transplantation.
The bandage could be used to wrap a donor organ ensuring intimate contact and direct delivery of nitric oxide," states the report appearing in ACS' Chemistry of Materials, a bi-weekly journal.
MOST people would accept a donor organ if they needed one but only 27% are signed up to donate after death, research out today showed.