Donor Insemination

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het·er·ol·o·gous in·sem·i·na·tion

artificial insemination with semen from a donor who is not the woman's husband.
Synonym(s): donor insemination
The insertion of sperm into the uterus by means other than intercourse— often with a device that has an appearance fancifully likened to that of a turkey baster—when (1) the male’s sperm is of such poor quality that sperm from a donor is preferable, or (2) a woman wants a baby, but does not have/want a husband
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Whether in adoption or donor insemination, practices that systematically
7% of respondents reported that they intended to become pregnant in the next 5 years, with almost 70% of them stating that they expected to use donor insemination (DI) to do so.
It is ironic, then, that Nelson found, among the women who used donor insemination, that "the question of whether or not to pursue motherhood was seldom raised.
Additional considerations lending plausibility to this view derive from data concerning adopted children who have conducted searches for their biological parents, and similar experiences of children whose birth was a result of donor insemination and who have sought out their biological fathers.
While donor insemination (DI) has been available for heterosexual couples for nearly a century, this was not true for single women and lesbians," explains Jean Benward.
However, an example of an "isolated subgroup" might be if the population using the donor insemination was limited to certain individuals because the clinic is the only one in a small town.
The clinic approached Rainbow Travel to arrange special packages for lesbian couples hoping to conceive-a procedure that costs around 1,500 euros for donor insemination rising to a minimum of 7,000 euros for egg implantation.
Donor insemination is cheaper, starting at pounds 1000.
In Sweden, a child born as a result of donor insemination has the right to receive information both about the fact of being born through donor insemination and the identity of the donor.
She said: 'As Peter deteriorated, it became more and more important to me to have a baby at any cost so we decided we would try with donor insemination.
The Cardiff Assisted Reproduction Unit (CARU) is currently managing to continue to provide a limited donor insemination service to patients.