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Frederick G., English physical chemist, 1870-1956. See: Donnan equilibrium, Gibbs-Donnan equilibrium.
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On 6 October 2015 Workington Magistrates Court sentenced Mr Richard Donnan (Senior) in a prosecution brought by the MMO.
Richard Donnan, Managing Director, Retail Banking and NI SME & CIB at Ulster Bank, added: "We're very pleased to be supporting the next phase of NI Chamber Connections.
July 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Tom Donnan has encountered thousands of Christians and ministries who struggle with evil disruptions in their lives.
02REPORTS were coming in that Sergeant George A Donnan of the 6th Kings' Liverpool Regiment had been killed in action in late March in Ypres.
THARSUS GROUP has appointed experienced accountant Michelle Donnan as its head of finance and company secretary.
James Donnan, general manager at the National Express Foundation, said: "While higher education is a proven investment over the long term, fear of student debt can deter capable students from pursuing their dreams and we hope these grants will go some way towards helping these talented students to achieve their goals.
Coincidentally, or not, Tuberville has also been identified in press reports as a victim of a Ponzi scheme operated by yet another jock: college football Hall of Fame coach and quarterback James Donnan.
At the end of the third and final season of excavation in 1982, Donnan (emeritus, anthropology, U.
Chief, Leon Donnan said both girls were doing "very well".
Leo Donnan, the head of surgery at the hospital, described as "surreal" the moment the twins - Bangladeshi orphans Krishna and Trisha - finally were separated at 11:00 am AEDT, reports The Times.
In characteristic style Christopher Donnan has produced yet another eye-catching volume on the Moche.
Students are expected to understand the mechanisms behind the Donnan effect and, in case of any doubt, are encouraged to ask questions during seminars.