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The permeability to oxygen of a soft contact lens.


symbol, deka-.
References in classic literature ?
I don't know how you would sleep, how you would eat.
I declare," cried Cecilia, completely losing her head, "I'm so excited, I don't know what to do with myself
Then he suddenly turned to the prince: "Prince, I don't know why I have taken a fancy to you; perhaps because I met you just when I did.
Oh, I don't know," Mary boasted with quiet petulance.
Well,' replies Venus, blowing his tea: his head and face peering out of the darkness, over the smoke of it, as if he were modernizing the old original rise in his family: 'you were one of a warious lot, and I don't know.
Isabel Worth saved me or I don't know where I should have been.
I--I don't know," answered Nancy in a half-stifled voice.
Charles is so ang--I mean he is sure you know about it, or rather, that you don't know.
I have carried him thousands and thousands of miles on scout duty for the army, and there's not a gorge, nor a pass, nor a valley, nor a fort, nor a trading post, nor a buffalo-range in the whole sweep of the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains that we don't know as well as we know the bugle-calls.
Yes--no--I don't know," said Marilla wearily, looking up.
This has caused me to be utterly wanting in I don't know what emotions, or remembrances, or good instincts--I have not even a name for the thing, you see
I think it is indeed, but I don't know what to tell you.

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