Dolphin Therapy

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The use of dolphins as pets, which allegedly increases communication in children with mental retardation, Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, and other disorders
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Horace Dobbs, a leading authority on dolphin-assisted therapy, has joined the team as consultant.
More than 400 children with a physical and/or mental challenge visit the Curacao Dolphin Therapy and Research Center (CDTC) for dolphin-assisted therapy every year.
Families who have attended dolphin-assisted therapy report that their children experience long-term results even after the therapy ends.
Flaws of dolphin-assisted therapy (DAT) were discussed at the conference as well, parents of disabled children pay great amounts of money believing that swimming with dolphins will cure their children.
Long Term Effectiveness of Dolphin-Assisted Therapy For Children with Severe Disabilities.
Effectiveness of Short-Term Dolphin-Assisted Therapy For Children with Severe Disabilities.
Scope, the charity for people with cerebral palsy, is also sceptical about dolphin-assisted therapy.
Headed by renowned dolphin-assisted therapy researcher Dr.
Nathanson's research has demonstrated that TAD is as effective as live dolphin-assisted therapy when used as a reward in therapy, increasing attention and motivation and providing a safer, more controlled environment with which to engage in therapy.
25,000 to outfit classrooms, meeting spaces and therapy rooms in a new facility serving critically ill and special-needs children with dolphin-assisted therapy.
One of the new grantees, Island Dolphin Care, serves critically ill and special-needs children from around the world through dolphin-assisted therapy programs.