Dolphin Therapy

The use of dolphins as pets, which allegedly increases communication in children with mental retardation, Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, and other disorders
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May and Gerry - who have two grown-up children of their own, 13 grandkids and two great-grandchildren - have also spent years volunteering for Children's Hearings and even managed to find t i me to rai se pounds 4 5,0 0 0 to sen d Jamie to Florida for dolphin therapy.
Their exact numbers are unknown - botos' habitats extend from Brazil into Peru, inclusive of the Amazon and Rio Negro rivers and their many tributaries - but the effect of their ultrasound and sonar capabilities on man is so profound that people like Igor Simoes, a physiotherapist who founded the Dolphin Therapy Centre on the Rio Ariau in 2005, have started to take note.
The Dolphinarium, home to three dolphins and four seals, offers a water circus show, Dolphin therapy, Dolphin sighting excursions, and educational lectures.
More than 400 children with a physical and/or mental challenge visit the Curacao Dolphin Therapy and Research Center (CDTC) for dolphin-assisted therapy every year.
A DUDLEY teenager destined for Oxbridge, who suffered a life-changing brain haemorrhage just months after her GCSEs, has flown to Florida for special dolphin therapy thanks to the help of a local charity.
The therapeutic effects of dolphin therapy may arise from their aesthetic value, exposure to their echolocation vocalizations, or the emotions raised by interacting with the bottle-nosed creature.
The route of the cruise was mapped to incorporate the interests of Dolphin Aid, since Key Largo is home to a center where handicapped children undergo dolphin therapy.
THE parents of a four-year-old boy who has only ever uttered six words in his life and cannot walk were today pinning their hopes on dolphin therapy to help him overcome a mystery illness that has baffled doctors.
Dolphin therapy for a disabled four-year-old British boy in Florida has been abandoned as the animals were released back into the wild to protect them from Hurricane Floyd.
Viewers will see Tamzin helping youngsters receive dolphin therapy.
Surely money could be provided to set up a dolphin therapy fund.
took Sarah's mother, Ginny, on a tour, introduced her to the dolphins, and spent a great deal of time going over what dolphin therapy was about.