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As a means to stimulate the pain threshold to pressure, it was used a dolorimeter, (Kratos [R]), with tapered extremity and able to produce pressure up to 50 kgf.
The evaluation with the cold started immediately after the intervention with the dolorimeter of pressure, the volunteers immersed the right upper limb (up to the elbow articular interline) in the water at 5[degrees]C for 30 seconds, and it was registered the exact time when the individuals reported their painful thresholds, that is, when it was mentioned the word 'pain' by the volunteers.
For comparison of the results of compression with the dolorimeter, it was used the repeated measures ANOVA, with the Tukey's post-hoc test; and for comparison of the results of pain threshold to cold and the pain intensity to cold, it was used the Friedman test and Dunn's post-hoc test, in all cases the significance level adopted was 5%.
05) was detected with the dolorimeter, regarding the painful threshold of pressure in the thenar region, regardless of the analyzed group (Table 1).
Nineteen patients were enrolled in this trial which involved producing painful stimuli with the dolorimeter after each contraction and asking the patient to compare the pain with the pain of the previous contraction.
Two years later, a group of anaesthetists evaluated the dolorimeter as an instrument for assessing pain, principally in pain clinic patients.
The main critic of the dolorimeter was Henry Beecher, Professor and Chair of the Department of Anesthesia at Massachusetts General Hospital.
Use of a dolorimeter assists to distribute pressure equally over a discrete point, which is more objective (Freundlich & Leventhal, 1993).
arguments are settled by those whose dolorimeters run cold.
Control and "fibrositic" tenderness; comparison of two dolorimeters.
Algometers, sometimes referred to as dolorimeters, palpameters, algesiometers, or pressure threshold meters, are designed to quantify and document levels of tenderness via pressure threshold measurement and pain sensitivity via pain tolerance measurements.