Dogwood Tree

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A deciduous shrub native to eastern Asia, the fruit of which is astringent, diaphoretic, tonic, nutrient, hemostatic, and may also be antihypertensive and diuretic
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We then tested a number of dogwood trees in the Valdosta area and found low levels of the molecule in some, but not all, of the samples.
Jim Bishop, Lillian, and Mignon Lockhart all learned to love their father's dogwood tree as it grew to maturity, and so did their neighbors, relatives, and friends.
The Blue Star memorial program started with the planting of 8,000 Dogwood trees in 1944 by the New Jersey Council of Garden Clubs as a memorial to veterans of World War II.
The project involves a large number of big trees, including some 600 pound flowering Cherry trees, some Dogwood trees and numerous 12' tall Arborvitaes for a total of 16 trees.
Some are concerned for the dogwood trees in early bloom and wondering about the tulips in Emirgan Park; and many hearts are heavy with other concerns than weather and plants.
Choose plants that are less likely to cause allergies, such as azalea, bulbs, cacti, daisies, dahlia, pansies and petunias, dogwood trees, hibiscus, boxwood and yucca shrubs.
In April 2012, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced a gift of 3,000 flowering dogwood trees to Japan to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Japan's gift of cherry trees to the United States.
Ambassador John Roos commemorated an American gift of dogwood trees to the Japanese people, part of an initiative that will see 3,000 dogwood trees dispersed throughout Japan, including the region affected by last year's earthquake and tsunami disaster.
presentation to Japan this year of 3,000 dogwood trees ''as an enduring symbol of friendship.
We visited in April when the gardens were ablaze with azaleas and rhododendrons and the huge dogwood trees delicately laced with pale pink and white blooms.
THE DOGWOOD TREES ARE IN BLOOM, THERE IS A FRESH SPRING SCENT in the air and there's sawdust all over Main Street.
Angiosperms, like Maple, Oak, and Dogwood trees, are flowering plants that make seeds in a special casing.