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A follower of the dogmatic school.
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It's clear why fanatics or dogmatists would label their opponents with the f-word: rhetorical play scores political points.
In treating human labor as a commodity, free market dogmatists assume that its "optimum value" should be determined by impersonal market forces.
This recognition appears in Hatherley's frank admiration for the "superb mini-city" (221) of Leicester University, a near-elegiac description of Edinburgh, and a fulsome appreciation of post-blitz Coventry: "The real dogmatists are those who would dismiss the city simply because it (was) new.
Is this not the same bunch of dogmatists who imposed on the West Midlands the ridiculous position of Police and Crime Commissioner?
There is just one added piece of information that the world should know: The activities of these bloody religious dogmatists are also being aided by an unholy alliance of Saudi Arabia and Israel.
These dogmatists want to fill our hospitals and clinics with workers who place their beliefs over the needs of their patients.
The dogmatists who parade fairy tales and superstition as science are, at least, consistent.
While a dogmatist might, in fact, be correct, while I am in error, the fact that dogmatists insulate their errors from correction means that I have, all else being equal, more reason to suspect dogmatists of error than those who are open to at least the possibility of correction.
I don't have illusions about a golden age of rail under nationalisation but it is clear that privatisation has not delivered the results we were promised, which is why a publicly-owned East Coast Main Line was so dangerous to the dogmatists of privatisation.
In other terms, the America intelligentsia looked for the services of such a nation, which would be diverse on religious, cultural, linguistic and social foundations; which could be exploited by the dogmatists in the sacred name of faith; which could be seduced through financial benefits; which could be tamed by applying threatening tones; which could be turned to be one of the most corrupt societies of world.
While Batchelor focuses on replacing the historical teachings of the Buddha with his own secularized vision and Harris rails at the suffering inflicted upon humanity by religious dogmatists, both tend to overlook the fact that Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Zedong caused more bloodshed, justified by their secular ideologies, than all the religious wars that preceded them throughout human history.
They promised youth a bright future, only to cut them loose and abandon their future to dogmatists.