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A follower of the dogmatic school.
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Just as the Pyrrhonists took themselves to be in the business of curing dogmatists of their "dogmatic affliction," as Sextus Empiricus puts it, so too Montaigne, I would argue, conceives of the enlightenment of one's judgment in quasimedical terms, as a matter of the treatment of presumption, which he calls "our natural and original malady.
2000) "The Skeptic and the Dogmatist," Nous 34(4): 517-49.
In other terms, the America intelligentsia looked for the services of such a nation, which would be diverse on religious, cultural, linguistic and social foundations; which could be exploited by the dogmatists in the sacred name of faith; which could be seduced through financial benefits; which could be tamed by applying threatening tones; which could be turned to be one of the most corrupt societies of world.
They promised youth a bright future, only to cut them loose and abandon their future to dogmatists.
Maimonides' formulation assumed such significance that all post-Maimonidean dogmatists were forced to confront it.
What sort of person, not personally an ideologue, might be attracted to absolutist dogmatists who prioritize ends over means and have an "Us vs.
Governing in a democracy requires compromise, and compromise is anathema to dogmatists.
to deal sensibly with problems that often involve evidence, quantitative consideration, logical arguments, and uncertainty; [this is because] without the ability to think critically and independently, citizens are easy prey to dogmatists, flimflam artists, and purveyors of simple solutions to complex problems (Rutherford and Ahlgren 1990).
Some scholars are mentioned briefly- Peter Harvey makes an appearance (11); Damien Keown is discussed in a footnote (216), etc - but their positions are not engaged with and they are often dismissed off hand as being dogmatists or as offering obviously defective overly-traditional readings of Buddhism.
The Pyrrhonian tradition treats thinkers who deny truth or knowledge as negative dogmatists because they maintain a belief about the impossibility of truth or knowledge.
The result is that dogmatists will simply be ignored and their intransigence will do nothing to foster inquiry.