Dog Tag

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An aluminium tag with an identifying name and numbers worn around the neck of military personnel which may be used to identify soldiers’ bodies in the event of mutilating death
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On the front of these particular dog tags are the American flag and the words "Leadership, Service, and Teamwork.
Maurine said she can't wait to"nally hold her father's lost dog tags - and then she will pass them on to her 25-year-old son, Terreance Tate.
PROUD: Leopold's grandson Jack Trueman; and, below, Thomas Evans with the dog tags
I made sure that my dog tags were secure around my neck and that my ear plugs were stowed in my shoulder pocket, which was zipped.
This is where Dog Tags meets such needs, serving a vital function.
We actually contacted an individual several years ago and let him know that we had found his dog tags, and he denied that they were his," she said.
Mr Littlewood buried 50 dog tags, which could be exchanged for prizes, the night before the open day.
We know for sure the dog tags were absolutely clean when officials dealing with the case sent them to the third party," said the MoD, who were unable to comment last night.
THE Ministry of Defence last night hit back at claims that they had sent the bloodstained dog tags of a soldier killed in Iraq to his mother.
I did a quick sketch before the idea would leave my mind," said Jones, whose senior project was a showing of 2,436 ceramic dog tags which he created and dedicated to the many brave Soldiers who lost their lives while serving our country in OIF.
Unauthorized items on eBay include dog tags, buttons, and coffee mugs.
In 2004, Sliepka founded Dog Tags for Kids, a program through which she manufactures and distributes dog tags to troops stationed in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan.