Dog Rose

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A perennial shrub that contains niacin, nicotinamide, organic acids, pectin, tannin, and vitamins B, C, E, and K; it is astringent, diuretic, laxative, and tonic, and has been used to heal wounds; it is a rich source of vitamin C, often supplied as rose hips
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The galls of dog rose were collected irregularly from field and transferred to the laboratory.
And it's not only wildlife that will benefit, Cardiff residents will be able to join in the fun too making crab apple jelly, elderflower cordial, dog rose syrup and sloe gin, with produce to pick, eat and enjoy for generations to come.
Wild roses such as the dog rose will attract both nectar feeders and, later, birds and other animals that will eat the hips.
The new planting will consist of 85% trees - a mix of ash with some oak, lime, field maple, wild cherry, hawthorn and holly - and 15% shrubs such as hazel, gelder rose, dog rose and dogwood.
Schools can choose from a hedge pack made up of hawthorn, hazel and dog rose, or a copse pack of silver birch, rowan and wild cherry.
Native species such as Scots pine, silver birch, holly and rowan together with gorse, heather and dog rose are all being planted as part of the scheme.
It is very likely that these softly painted roses were the English Dog Rose found in Worcestershire hedgerows but no doubt in other counties too.
Then gardeners changed it to Christmas Rose because it looks like a dog rose and comes out at Christmas.
Follow the path through the hedgerows of hawthorn, elder and dog rose until you reach the steel five-barred and kissing gates.
The orange tip butterfly emerged at the earliest date it has done in records going back a century, while horse chestnuts, purple lilac and dog rose were all seen flowering earlier than ever.