Dog Face

A popular term for an expressionless facial expression by prisoners under certain circumstances
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Characters in the story include Mr Scary Face, Mr Kind Face, Mr Shorty Face, Mr Screamy Face, Mr Yellow Face and Mr Dog Face.
The FCE, the Kennel Club and Natural Resources Wales are celebrating 10 years of working together and dog owners are being asked to nominate their well-behaved pet as a contender to become the dog face of the Paws Outdoors campaign.
I think they were "on" at the start of the week as Kat gazed into Alfie's cute puppy dog face.
In another box piece, also Untitled, 1999, eight decals depicting a generic boy and dog face off across a closed hallway that circumscribes the sculpture, serving as portals to the conflicted nostalgia at the heart of the work, while a blank, open-ended hallway bisecting the box's interior conveys a faint, disjunctive loneliness.
In contrast Daybreak is drab and grey with a miserable presenter who has a hang dog face and the weight of the world on his shoulders.
FROM the makers of Peep Show, Dog Face is a new comedy show that combines fast-paced sketches with stylish "dog-based" animation.
FROM the makers of Peep Show, Dog Face is a brand new comedy that combines fast-paced sketches with "dog-based" animation.
Their division song - Dog Face Soldier - shows how proud they are of their reputation:
Eric Cantillon's dog faces a couple of the same rivals who finished behind him despite his travails and has to be fancied to confirm supremacy although Monroe Twirl is an acknowledged hazard on his immediate inside so he needs to trap well.
THE Scottie dog faces being banished from Monopoly boards forever as its makers call on fans to help revamp the classic game.
AN ABANDONED dog faces the prospect of a bright future with a loving family in the UK, but only if he can find a foster home for six months whilst his pet passport documentation is processed.
Currently, anyone caught in possession of an unregistered banned dog faces prosecution and a possible jail term.