doctor-patient relationship

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doctor-patient relationship

All the interactions between a patient and a health care professional. These interactions establish the basis for interpersonal communication, trust, compliance, and satisfaction.

doctor-patient relationship,

n in-teraction between a physician and a patient.
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Improving the doctor-patient relationship can improve outcomes, medication adherence, and satisfaction with the health care provider and the health plan.
Yet, concern has been consistently raised about the quality of the doctor-patient relationship.
The doctor-patient relationship will have an opportunity to grow rather than decline if society can determine its mission and if physicians can respond with humanity instead of greed.
An absolute majority of medical malpractice claims are prompted by the intersection of nonclinical factors (inadequate doctor-patient relationship, patient perception of mistreatment, the physician as a metaphor for unhappiness and pain, etc.
Premera's disease management approach with American Healthways is designed to support the doctor-patient relationship while reinforcing physician efforts to enhance clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.
Phyhealth strongly supports Senator Frist's goal to "reestablish and promote the value of the doctor-patient relationship.
Before Hill & Knowlton, he was the president of HealthCare Village in Houston, TX, a start up health delivery concept focused on empowering the doctor-patient relationship.
It means that health care solutions have to value physician leadership and the doctor-patient relationship.
That's what the doctor-patient relationship is all about.
Oxford's wellness and disease management programs are designed to support the doctor-patient relationship by assisting in the coordination of care; providing ongoing comprehensive patient support; and encouraging high-risk members to follow their physicians' treatment plans.
Gustafsson's primary focus will include the examination of interpersonal communications within a doctor's office to help clients better understand the doctor-patient relationship and its potential impact on their brands.

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