Harold Shipman

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A UK general practitioner who was convicted of killing 15 women largely with lethal injections of heroin. Some believing the number was even higher
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One thing's clear: another term of the Tories and it may as well be in the hands of Doctor Shipman.
Seeing The Moors Murderers on the same level as, say, Trial and Retribution - as a piece of entertainment, designed to thrill, scare, and tease - is like comparing the acts of Doctor Shipman to an episode of Doctor Who.
As a young doctor Shipman had arrived at the Pontefract hospital in autumn 1970 and lived with wife Primrose and their two young children in a house in its grounds.
Ms Clanford said: "I am very, very shocked by this whole thing, I really like Doctor Shipman and I didn't think he was guilty.
Former family doctor Shipman hanged himself in Wakefield jail last month on the eve of his 58th birthday.
Bolam, who is still best known for his role in The Likely Lads, will play killer doctor Shipman, left, who is currently being held at Frankland Prison, in Durham.