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Doberman pinscher, Dobermann

a medium-sized (66-88 lb), lean, muscular dog with very short hair that is usually black with brown markings around the face and on the legs, but occasionally has a brown or blue body color. The tail is docked to a short length and where practiced, the normally pendant ears are cropped. The breed is often used for police or guard work. It is subject to spondylolisthesis (wobbler syndrome), color mutant alopecia, generalized demodecosis, chronic active hepatitis, cardiomyopathy, von Willebrand's disease, and degeneration of the bundle of His.

dancing Doberman pinscher disease
a very slowly progressive, painless neuromuscular disease in which affected dogs periodically flex one hindleg when standing. Hindleg weakness and atrophy of the gastrocnemius muscle eventually develops. In some cases both hindlegs are affected with flexion and extension of alternating hindlegs, hence the name.
miniature Doberman pinscher
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The study looked at MRI brain images of eight Dobermans affected by canine OCD and eight that were not affected.
I read with horror about the two small dogs killed by the Doberman.
I know a couple of people who thought they had the love of their lives in dobermans, only to be attacked by them.
Winner of the pedigree junior competition, for dogs aged 12 to 18 months, was Rosie, a 15-month old Doberman.
We were greeted by a lot of rottweilers and some dobermans running loose behind a fence, most of them neutered males who wanted a fuss.
Several years ago, Siegel and his UCLA colleagues reported improvements in the symptoms of Doberman pinschers with narcolepsy and cataplexy when they injected a form of orexin into the dogs' bloodstreams.
The young doberman, called Kerri, was one of the favourites to win the breed's Open Bitch category at the UK's top dog show on Saturday.
In my experience, most of the dog bites received in the line of duty are by small terrier-type dogs and not by Dobermans or Alsatians.
But it very handily contains the two Dobermans we bought to occupy it.
Dobermans are big, active dogs West Yorkshire Dog Rescue (www.
Q: We have Marathon tall fescue grass in our rear yard that has never done well, possibly due to two Dobermans.
The 27-year-old works for Dobermans, which is a division of Crutes Law Firm, in the immigration department of the Teesside firm, handling asylum claims and other immigration issues for clients.