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Doberman pinscher, Dobermann

a medium-sized (66-88 lb), lean, muscular dog with very short hair that is usually black with brown markings around the face and on the legs, but occasionally has a brown or blue body color. The tail is docked to a short length and where practiced, the normally pendant ears are cropped. The breed is often used for police or guard work. It is subject to spondylolisthesis (wobbler syndrome), color mutant alopecia, generalized demodecosis, chronic active hepatitis, cardiomyopathy, von Willebrand's disease, and degeneration of the bundle of His.

dancing Doberman pinscher disease
a very slowly progressive, painless neuromuscular disease in which affected dogs periodically flex one hindleg when standing. Hindleg weakness and atrophy of the gastrocnemius muscle eventually develops. In some cases both hindlegs are affected with flexion and extension of alternating hindlegs, hence the name.
miniature Doberman pinscher
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I take my Dobermann regularly to Ogmore and he is walked on a long leash.
Patch Adams previewed at Showcase, Kingsbury Rd, Pleasantville at Odeon, New St and Dobermann at Electric, Station St, Birmingham.
Farooq Toor and Shaista Khan were going for a stroll in St Mellons with the children - aged two, three and four - when they noticed the Dobermann running free, Cardiff Crown Court was told.
Officials also recovered a treadmill used for strengthening fighting dogs and a stolen Dobermann.
The youngster was attacked by her grandmother's Dobermann dog while visiting the relative in Claverdon, near Warwick.
A GIRL was fighting for her life in Birmingham Children's Hospital today after being attacked by a Dobermann dog.
Security guard Greg West, 36, was on duty on Tuesday night when his Dobermann Barney savaged the bear, which was made in Germany in 1909.
NERO is a happy, lively dobermann who needs a very active home.
ON GUARD People are shunning ``traditional'' forms of home security in favour of dogs, like the Dobermann, right.
The prologue, as baby Dobermann gets his first gun, lets you in on the fact that Kounen's tongue is firmly protruding through a bullet hole in his cheek.
A brutal comic-strip thriller where the bad cop tries to stop a ruthless gang of bank robbers led by Yann (Vincent Cassel), aka Dobermann.