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Chuichi Hara, Commander (2 CVs --Zuikaku, Shokaku) (Shokaku--21 A6M Zero fighters, 20 D3A Type 99 [Val] divebombers, 19 B5N Type 97 [Kate] torpedo bombers) (Zuikaku--21 A6M Zero fighters, 21 D3A Type 99 [Val] divebombers, 20 B5N Type 97 [Kate] torpedo bombers) DesDiv 27 (4 DDs--Shigure, Yugure, Ariake, Shiratsuyu) DesDiv 7 (1 DD--Shioakebono, minus Sazanami) 1 Fleet Tanker (Toho Maru) VICE ADM.
On July 10, 1940, our skies were filled with the roar of 2,500 Nazi fighters, bombers and divebombers.
But when their bombers came over they sometimes used to bring divebombers which fired at us.
On June 15, the ship was attacked by German divebombers and sank, with 44 of the crew still on board.