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HEVC 4K Streaming: A live encoding and decoding flow of streaming DivX HEVC UltraHD (4K) video to a set top box.
Momentum in tablets including the launch of the first DivX Certified tablet, the Galaxy Tab, enabling powerful DivX HD video playback at home or on the go
Known for great performance, visual quality and interoperability on any DivX CertifiedA[R] device, DivX provides consumers with a comprehensive digital media solution supporting the majority of high-quality Internet video on their TVs or other consumer electronics devices.
Through uncluttered and easy-to-use playback screens, the software also lets all users simply enjoy full screen DivX Plus HD videos even on lower powered computers such as netbooks.
Second, the cost difference between DIVX and DVD discs wasn't that big, particularly when the extra hardware is considered.
New DivX HEVC profiles supported across DivX Converter, DivX Player and DivX Web Player
We are committed to providing innovative and intelligent features, and adding DivX Plus video playback is a compelling new capability that we're excited to promote in our 2011 TV product lines," said Il-Geun Kwon, vice president of LCD TV Lab of LG Electronics.
According to the company, the chip has been designed to enable Blu-ray players to playback DivX Plus HD video based on H.
Known for great performance, visual quality and interoperability on any DivX Certified device, DivX technology gives consumers a comprehensive digital media solution for watching high-quality digital video on TVs and other consumer electronics devices.
As a full DivX Certified portable device, the DP7010 is among the first generation of portable media players (PMP) to offer full playback of the hugely popular DivX video format.
The same could be said for DIVX, short for Digital Video Express System, a planned variation of DVD developed by the Circuit City electronics chain.
NASDAQ:DIVX), a digital media company, today announced the DivX Certification[TM] of three new Blu-ray player models from Pioneer (PN: BDP-LX71, BDP-LX08, BDP-51FD).