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Buck-A-Roo$ Holding Corporation (OTCBB: BRHC) is a Southern California-based buyer and seller of distressed inventory, offering profound discounts on everyday goods to economy-minded shoppers.
com, an online marketplace for used and distressed inventory, where he was the company's President and CEO.
In our low margin wholesale environment, heavy returns have an adverse ripple effect across many cost centers, including labor, freight and markdown expense from distressed inventory.
While suppliers are gaining share in most segments (air, car, hotel), online travel agencies are competing via packaging and add-ons, corporate tools, distressed inventory, international expansion in Europe and Asia, independent hotel properties, U.
5 enables optimization by shelf-life to reduce the waste of perishable or distressed inventory.
retailers to provide its eBay liquidation services to liquidate excess inventory, distressed inventory, and other assets.
The customer is able to precisely control the types of offers they receive and the Golf course is able to market and sell distressed inventory under a new and discreet pricing model.
Pink Sheets:BZCN), a prime provider of commercial eBay liquidation services for excess inventory, announced it has executed a Liquidation Services Contract for distressed inventory and other assets with a retail value in excess of $1,000,000.
In a survey completed this month by NBTA, 99% of corporate travel managers stated that giving corporations equal access to web fares or distressed inventory contained on the airline websites and Orbitz, would best address the issue of Web fares.
We feel that the revolution for enterprise-scale eBay liquidation of excess and distressed inventory is just beginning, and we are working to position ourselves to capture as much of that growth as possible.